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Zerona Laser Treatment

Treatment with the Zerona laser is easy, painless, and carefree. It is the only FDA approved laser treatment that removes stubborn body fat without the hassle of surgery. Zerona works by painlessly creating a small pore in fat cells. The cell remains healthy and alive but the fat empties through the open pore. Your body then naturally eliminates the fat through the lymphatic system and you begin to lose weight through your waist, hips and thighs.

Each session takes less than an hour. The laser is applied to the targeted area, which is generally a combination of the waist, hips, and thighs, for 20 minutes. The patient then turns over and the very same treatment is applied to the opposite side. The minimum suggested treatment period is 10 treatments over 10 weeks. You will consult with one of our chiropractor’s to maximize results for your body type, weight, and target loss.

Many patients have described the session as relaxing, and even Zen. You simply lay in a comfortable, stationary position for twenty minutes at a time, in a relaxed environment, while the cold laser does all of the work. Since the Zerona uses cold laser technology, you feel nothing during the procedure. Treatment with a Zerona laser is a stark contrast to traditional methods of fat reduction procedures, such as liposuction. With Zerona, you can simply lie down, relax, and let the laser do all the work. It is a safe, non-invasive and effective way to lose weight without surgery, pain, bruising or recovery time.

We are very excited to introduce this laser in our Wellness Center! For more information and to see real results, please visit Zerona’s website at:

Zerona FAQs

How does it work?

A: Through clinical studies it has been demonstrated that the Zerona low level laser stimulates the fat cell to emulsify (liquefy) the fat within the cell. Then the liquefied fat moves from inside the cell through a temporary pore formed in the cell membrane to outside the cell where it is in the interstitial space until absorbed by the lymphatic system. This results in millions of fat cells becoming smaller so inches are reduced off the waist, hips and thighs. The fat cells are not injured in any way by this process.

What can I expect at my appointments?

A: You can expect 40 minutes to relax, read or do absolutely nothing. The Zerona treatment is completely painless. There is no heat or any sensation whatsoever while being treated. Each treatment you will be met by your physician or technician who will position the laser at the desired areas of the body, he/she will step out for 20 minutes while the front of your body is treated and then will return to reset for the backside of your body for an additional 20 minutes. After you are done you can get back to your normal activities immediately with absolutely no downtime, nor pain, swelling or any discomfort. This is a symptom -free process except for losing unwanted inches.

How is it different than liposuction?

A: Liposuction is an invasive procedure that removes the entire area of fat cells from deposits beneath the skin using a hollow stainless steel tube (called a cannula) with the assistance of a powerful vacuum. Liposuction can be accomplished either with the use of general anesthesia, or with IV sedation, or totally by local anesthesia. In contrast, the Zerona treatment is a 100% non-invasive that uses a low level laser applied externally to stimulate the fat cell and emulsify and release fat. There is no use of anesthesia, nor any pain, gels, creams, numbing agents, needles and no downtime.

What areas of the body can I use Zerona on?

A: The Zerona treatment was proven effective in a double-blind clinical trial on the waist, hips and thighs where localized fat deposits exist that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Is it safe?

A: Yes, there is no risk involved in using the Zerona low-level laser therapy and it is considered a safe alternative to invasive procedures such as tumescent liposuction and lipodissolve and other non-invasive devices like the Accent, VelaShape, and Thermage ,which rely on heating the tissue and can cause discomfort. None of these have the proven data showing how fat cell size is reduced like the Zerona®. The Zerona® treatment is 100% non-invasive and causes no bruising, scaring and zero downtime. During the treatment you will feel no discomfort, no anesthesia will be used and you can assume normal activities immediately following each treatment.

Are there any side effects?

A: No. The treatment process is completely non-invasive and there are absolutely no side effects beyond loss of inches and fat.

Is it effective?

A: Yes, with the Zerona treatment and by following the recommended guidelines for success, we saw an average loss of 3.64 inches reported in our clinical trial on the waist, hips, and thighs. Some can see results after only a few treatment sessions as their clothes fit more loosely. Many actually see the difference after 4-6 sessions.

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