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Neuro Lab Manchester

Our Stockport Clinic is the home of Neuro Lab Manchester – a revolutionary centre set on pioneering the functional neurology field. Call 01614326708 to find out more!

We are the only clinic in England hosting RightEye technology. RightEye enables non-invasive diagnostics to assess neurological function, as well as  offeringtherapeutic measures. By tracking eye movements the RightEye system can assess various neurological functions – including but not limited to reading disorders in children, brain injury, concussion and much more. RightEye offers a variety of specific tests for people of all ages, for example Sports EyeQ:

“RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ improves athletic performance by identifying vision strengths and weaknesses. A series of tests quickly measures and analyzes eye movement, processing and motor skills and provides real-time reports and recommendations to improve sports vision with vision training exercises. Over time, Sports Vision EyeQ supports measurement of sports vision improvement from the training exercises. Used by amateur and professional teams including MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS and NCAA.” –

Neuro Lab also uses state of the art Low Laser Therapy (LLT) to offer our patients the best possible care and results. We have invested in Erchonia patented technology – the first market leader to receive FDA Market Clearance for Chronic Lower back pain (ref). Erchonia Low Level Laser Therapy can assist in the healing process and natural reduction of pain.  For more information on what Erchonia at Neuro Lab Manchester can do for you, please visit their website

Please note: Our Chiropractic Practitioners are all GCC registered and fully qualified, but do not hold medical degrees. The above is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure your condition. If you have a question regarding your condition please contact your primary healthcare professional. If you have an emergency please call 999 (UK) or proceed to your nearest Accident & Emergency Department. Do not consider this information as a healthcare alternative.