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About Us

Welcome to Chiropractic Health CentresDr. Andrew Jackson (Chiropractor) began practicing in 1999. He and a friend from chiropractic college decided to move to northern England, and ended up in Greater Manchester. The two friends came to town with the idea of setting up clinics to embark on their chiropractic careers. “Initially we opened five clinics and had quite a few associates over the years. Eventually, my friend returned to Norway, and we divided the clinics.  I now own and work in the Greater Manchester area clinics.”

Our Practice Philosophy

To enrich health and vitality in our community; to help our patients understand the importance of life-long spinal care. We aim to provide 5-star assessments, service and results.

Helping Patients Enjoy Better Health

Predominately a wellness practice, we want to help our patients transform their unhealthy habits into wholesome ones. For example, we see many people who have health challenges that often stem from a poor diet and inactivity. It’s our passion to educate and help the community get fit again by helping them understand the importance of a healthy spine, posture, nutrition and exercise. We’d like to change the chronic disease statistic in our society that’s getting worse and worse.

8 Weeks to Wellness®

It’s important to understand that chiropractic does not heal your body – it facilitates the body’s self healing mechanism. Chiropractic gives the body the best chance to heal itself by utilising chiropractic adjustments, eating properly, moving correctly and thinking properly. These are all core components of the 8 Weeks to Wellness programme.

The goal is to allow the body’s innate intelligence — its healing ability —to improve. We’ve had many successes with all kinds of conditions. Everything we do is about allowing the body to work more efficiently and heal more effectively. This program is only offered at the Stockport clinic.

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