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Seeing the Chiropractor- A Personal Journey

Emma talks about her personal experience as she starts her journey into chiropractic treatment:


So if you are anything like me you will have gone through life with no clear knowledge of what a chiropractor is. You would have a conversation that went a little bit like this..


” Oh I am so sorry to hear you are in pain that must be dreadful…have you been to see someone….like an umm…what do you call them…a chiropractor?” and their response would always be “Do you mean a physiotherapist? Oh yes…. I have seen one of those and an osteopath”


So you nod along confirming that is exactly what you meant, but leave the conversation thinking….so what the hell IS a chiropractor then? Is that the one that does feet????!


Knowing my insight was far from in depth, I believe I began my journey into spinal health with a relatively open mind. Ignoring the ‘Alternative Therapy’ label given by the NHS ( because the last time I entered into that world I ended up in a laughter workshop that made me feel like I had been enrolled into a cult) I was intrigued by the seemingly logical science behind the whole thing. And I have to say, the idea that by simply adjusting my spine I could potentially unlock to door to better health and wellbeing was too tempting to pass by. 


So I’m signed up, I’m waiting….this is my first experience and I want to share it with you. Got to say…the new patient registration form was extensive. Bit scary too. Made me realise that I have a whole host of problems I hadn’t even considered could be linked to my spine or nervous system. Here’s hoping this experience can help me with some of them ( though I imagine only I can stop myself pouring yet ANOTHER gin…..but hey that’s therapy too right?)


First of all, let me put you in the picture about me.


I am 36, a mother of a very energetic and adorable 3 year old, I’m married…happily for the most part ( though when he leaves his socks NEXT the laundry basket instead of in it, I swear I could sign the divorce papers there and then)


I walk my dog, I eat sporadically, I work, I have a drink, I socialise, I sleep, I don’t really exercise when I know I should, I have bad taste in movies but excellent taste in music, I sing and dance almost constantly, I have a great family, I’m well educated, I have a best friend that I’ve had since Primary School, I’m a bad driver, painfully honest, silly, feisty and short. All in all life is pretty good just now apart from one major thing….I must be the biggest worrier of ALL TIME!


I mean seriously….my anxiety levels are off the scale. It’s all mainly about health…why have I got a cough? why is my neck always sore? Surely that’s not just a muscle strain it’s gotta to be something serious and my days are numbered….that kind of thing. There’s other things in the mix there too but that’s the bulk of it.


Personally I blame it on my philosophy degree….since existentialism in second year i have never been quite the same….damn you Descartes!


So yeah….I have issues and generally I would just like to feel better.. I want to get to the bottom of all these niggling problems…I guess we all do right?


With that in mind and considering philosophy had such a profound effect on me in the first place I am looking to philosophy to make it right…..I guess what I am really looking for is philosophical karmic balance. Either that or I just want to feel a bit brighter.


So I’m going with an oldie ( but a goodie) and I am letting the immortal words of Hippocrates lead me.


Hippocrates (apparently) said  “Look well to the spine for the cause of disease”


So I’m taking that as a sign that I need to give this a chance.


So with an open mind and an anxious heart, I am about to embark on my first session.


I’ll let you know what happens and what I learn. I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey and I hope for my sake ( and yours) it’s worthwhile.


Wish me luck!


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