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Osteopathy and Reflux

Osteopathy and Reflux …

Why Osteopathy could be an excellent solution


What is Reflux?

Reflux is the most prevalent disease of our “gut” which is estimated to affect a large scale between the UK population.

Warning Symptoms and Signs of Reflux?
First of all, burning pain (pyrosis) located behind the chest bone, nausea, belching, regurgitation, bloating, bad breath and headache. Stomach pain aggravated by some certain movements like bending forward or lying down. Pain increases by coughing, expiration or recurrent hiccup.

It’s also caused or made worse by: Coffee, Alcohol, chocolate, fatty or spicy food; being overweight, smoking, stress and anxiety, some painkillers.


How Osteopathy care can help

There’s to be good flexibility of the diaphragm muscle and its attachment to the spine along with a fascial restriction-free oesophagal tract as well as a good relationship between thoracic spine and chest.

Osteopathy gives us the right tools to loosen up the body frame, diaphragms and re-balance the entire structure. The osteopath might carry out specific manipulation to release joints related directly or indirectly to the affected part. Your Osteopath will treat the neck for some neurological implication with the diaphragm and will give the correct stimulation to the neurovegetative system through those spinal tracts related to.

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